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This activity was originally submitted as part of the Wangaratta District Showcase.  
This now inactive website featured exemplary programs and materials from
Wangaratta District Schools located in the Hume Region
(formerly Goulburn North-Eastern Region) of Victoria.


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Classroom Activity

School  Wangaratta District

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Program  Mathematics - Ayers Rock Investigation
CSF/VELs Levels  4, 5
Year Levels  5, 6, 7 
Program description 
This mathematical investigation of Ayers Rock was given to Year 7 during a unit of work on measurement.

This investigation challenges students to calculate the area and perimeter of Ayers Rock.  From the provided map students use the scale grid to construct a square grid pattern over the base profile of the rock to calculate the area of the base of the rock.  To find the perimeter students use the scale grid to estimate the perimeter of the base of Ayers Rock.

Significance for other schools:
Provides reinforcement of the concept of area and perimeter.  
Provides a relevant Australia interest factor to develop measurement concepts.


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Contact name:  David Ritchie
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Further Information 
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Ayers Rock Investigation Handout 50 Kb .doc
Ayers Rock Assessment Sheet 25 Kb .doc
Ayers Rock Sample Report 73 Kb .exe
Mathematical Investigation Report Format 25 Kb .doc

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