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Mathematics Activities
The following resources were developed to support Middle School Mathematics Learning in Years 5 to 8.

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Resources presented at  Waranga Innovations and Excellence Cluster 
Middle Years Numeracy Professional Development - 2004

A model for extending the Early Years Numeracy Interview tasks 
- Place Value Calculator Assessment Task - CSF level 1 to 4
 (as a Microsoft Word document - 95 Kb)

Decimal Diagnostic Test - Analysis Spreadsheet
 (as a Microsoft Excel document - 188 Kb)

Decimal Maze Blank - Grouped
 (as a Microsoft Word document - 20 Kb)

Introducing Linear Arithmetic Blocks (LAB) to students
using a whole - small - whole approach
 (as a Microsoft Word document - 46 Kb)

Exchange Rate Investigation
 (as a Microsoft Word document - 37 Kb)



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