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       Resources for the 5 Project Themes 

This Mathematics Project is based on the video 
“6=1 - Mathematics and the Federation of Australia”. 

(a)          Comparing Population and Area

 Population in 1901 and 2001

Area of each Australian States in 2001
1996 Year Book Australia 
Aust Bureau Statistics
R319.4 AUS  

Area of each Australian State in 1901
Use the map from 1859 and 1911 with the current area for each state
and work backwards to find the area of each state in 1901

 (b)          Criss Crossing the Country

 Use the Australian Geographic Map of Australia
(I cannot find a list of the towns that Edmund Barton visited, 
so choose 6 towns of your own along the Murray River)

 (c)           Parliamentary Representation  

A good reference is the Australian Yearbook

 Electorates in the first Parliament–their names and their Members

Outline of Australian Electoral History - gives outline of number of seats in 1901 and 2001

Historical Listing of Number of Seats since 1901,

(d)          Polling the Population

 You have to make your own question, and determine your polling sample.
To help determine the profile of your polling sample, 
examine the age distribution of the population of Australia.  

Population - Population age-sex structure - 1901 and 2001
Go the Aust. Bureau Statistics
Click on Australia Now       Australia Now - A statistical profile of Australia
then click on Population
then click on Population age-sex structure

OR then click on Population projections

OR try

Centenary Article - A century of population change in Australia (Year Book Australia, 2001)

 (e)           Arching the Federation

 Arches from the Past

 A Great Picture of Melbourne’s 2001 Federation Arch

 Other Interesting Web Sites

Centenary of Federation - Victoria- Federation Documents Online

Documenting a Democracy

Sydney’s Coal Arch Puzzle

Short Profiles on Dinkum Aussies – for example:  Edmund Barton

National Library Federation Gateway

Online Images for the National Gallery

Cybertour of  Our Nations First Capital - Melbourne

Australian Federation Full Text Database

SOFWeb – Victorian Education Department Web Links on Federation

List of Senators

List of Members of the House of Representatives

Profile of Population within each Electorate