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A classroom model for Secondary Mathematics

incorporating Technology Supported Learning
and Whole Class Small Team Whole Class instruction.

The feature of this unit was the incorporation of the whole class instruction then small group activities concluding with whole group reflections and teacher instruction.

Small Teaching Group
1 teacher - 5 students
Skill Based Worksheets
Blackline Masters Group
Technology Supported Activity Group
Whole Class Instruction
Hands-on manipulative Tasks Group Textbook Exercises

Instruction this involves:
- conducting whole class lessons for the activities to be undertaken at the learning centres;
- students undertaking a lesson at each learning centre;
- whole class work to evaluate and reflect on their learning;
- whole class instruction of common missed understandings.

Repeat of the above sequence of a second round.

- allow sufficient for student evaluation and reflection.  Student should be encourage to write about their learning and then invite sharing with the class.  This may take more than 2 lessons.

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