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Maths Task Card Resources

The following resources were developed by David Ritchie,
to support School Development within the Goulburn North-Eastern Region.

Right click on the link, and choose "Save Target As" to save the file to your computer.

The tasks are provided as a Word Document to allow schools to edit and cater for individual student needs.

Each task file includes:

  Task card
  Playing board for task (if required)

A common format and graphics 
are used within the task as prompts.

  Title and strand (eg number)
Things to look out for, for example:  a larger playing board
Recording required, perhaps a diagram

An explanation is prompted.
For example: Explain the process you worked through to complete the task:
Sentence starters:  First, I .... Next, I ...., Then, I ....., Finally, I
Explain your "rule" for placing the counters.

The purpose of the section is to get the student to explain their (thinking) process and the final answer, and work towards a generalisation or "rule" for their method.  

Depending the age of the students their explanations should be more sophisticated.

Design a new task.  (hints are provided in some tasks)

This sections encourages students to demonstrate their understanding of the task and test their generalisation

Number - Task Manipulative Materials
- 33 Kb

Number - Interlocking Magic Circles 1 - 67 Kb

Number - Interlocking Magic Circles 2 - 71 Kb

Number - Magic Triangles 1 - 77 Kb

Number - Tangled Totals 1 - 77 Kb


Logic - Task Manipulative Materials - 32 KB

Logic - Counter Placing 1 - 89 Kb

Logic - Leapfrog 2 - 57 Kb


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Authored by:  David Ritchie